April 05, 2006

The National Pledge

What better way to start off this blog but a short note on our national pledge?

Initially penned by Mr S Rajaratnam in 1966, the Pledge was written against the backdrop of racial riots in the 1950s and 1960s. Mr Rajaratnam revealed that the dream was about building "a Singapore we are proud of". He believed that language, race and religion were divisive factors, but the Pledge emphasises that these differences can be overcome if Singaporeans cared enough about their country (source: www.museum.org.sg).

40 years down the road, Mr Rajaratnam has just passed away, but not before witnessing the transformation of an island nation from third world status to "a Singapore we are proud of". There is much to be done in terms of racial and religious integration and it will probably take a few generations. But it has undoubtedly taken shape and our duty, as citizens of Singapore, will be to protect and cultivate this precious jewel for our future generations.


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